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Software License Management

Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiency

How we help our clients

It’s a challenging environment, with ever-changing technology and licensing rules and metrics. The potential impact on your costs and compliance position requires expert analysis and monitoring to ensure you can enjoy peace of mind over your current standing. Our license management and audit support services for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and IBM software to help you understand your license rights, options, and current compliance position, to reduce your costs and exposure to unplanned expenditures.
Compliance Analysis

Detailed review of your compliance position.

Remote Data Gathering

Leveraging our workflow license management tools to quickly gather the entitlement and deployment information.

Expert Analysis

Independent license experts review your existing contract, license rights and options.

Support of Third Party SAM Tools

Support existing SAM tools as part of a software asset management program. 

Procurement Advice

Share best practices gained from thousands of engagements from around the globe.

Our services provide the value you're looking for

We will arm you with the information you need to negotiate from a position of strength

​We will identify immediate and ongoing cost savings and avoidance opportunities


​We will provide deep expertise with an independent and unbiased view of your licensing rights and options


​We will deliver immediate and ongoing support in response to or in preparation for an Oracle audit


​We will provide tools and techniques to assist you with ongoing data gathering and analysis

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