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Our greatest strength

Our People

Our Foundation:

A Commitment to Unity, Teamwork, and Ingenuity


Central to our existence is our primary mission: to provide unparalleled, unbiased, and insightful advisory services that significantly bolster an organization's insight into their software portfolios, thereby delivering substantial value. This philosophy was passionately adopted by our founder, Richard Liotta, in 2016, motivated by his ambition to establish an organization that would not only make a significant contribution to the industry but also extend its influence beyond.


Valuing the power of solidarity, collaborative efforts, and inventive strategies, he laid the groundwork for what initially began as a modest consulting firm. The Software Consulting Group (SCG) has since flourished into a global force, comprising of passionate individuals, all united in their pursuit of delivering positive outcomes for our clients.

These founding principles have been the engine of our growth and continuously steer our journey forward. They remain at the foundation of SCG today, inspiring us to confront and navigate the intricate challenges encountered by business and IT executives across the world.

Advisory Board

In addition to our world-class team, we draw on the counsel and research of our Advisory Board made up of executives and leaders. They counsel us on our business, provide global perspectives and are a continuous source of inspiration.

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