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3 Oracle software cost saving options to consider now?

Organizations using Oracle programs buy licenses and support maintenance whenever there is a specific demand—a demand that continually changes.

Most organizations assume the costs associated with their changing software requirements will change as well. If your software requirements decrease, you will pay less, right? That’s not always the case. Often your recurring costs will only increase, even if your software requirements remain the same or decrease.

A closer look at your Oracle support fees will reveal several cost saving options to consider.

1. Cancel a complete order

If you are sure you are not using all the licenses purchased through one order, then the support maintenance fees for that entire order can be canceled altogether.

2. Repurchase Used Licenses

You can buy the licenses that you really need through a new order and cancel the support maintenance of the initial order which includes the used and unused licenses.

3. Migrate parts of your licenses into ones with a different metric

The moment licenses are migrated, the support stream of the migrated licenses become a “separate order” and can be terminated.

The options discussed here are just a few examples of how you can start saving costs on your Oracle licenses. It all begins with a complete and accurate understanding of your license entitlements, deployment, and usage. Without this overview, the moment you start cutting costs on your Oracle portfolio, the likelihood of being audited will significantly increase. For more details on your cost saving options, visit or contact us at or +1 888 466 2899.

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