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Audit Defense

Take control of your software audit

How we help our clients

Today's software license rules and options are increasingly complex. One misstep and you can find yourself out of compliance and owing substantial license fees. With software audits on the rise, there’s a lot to consider. End-users are typically not ready for the process and underestimate the level of detail required to prepare for a defense. SCG provides end-to-end audit defense services needed to protect your organization before, during and after a software audit. Our team of independent software licensing experts aim to help you understand, navigate and manage the audit process to minimize your financial, operational and reputational risks. 
Audit Readiness Assessment

Understand your potential software compliance risk and gain clarity on your software vendor’s licensing, pricing, and audit practices. We conduct a detailed review of your agreements to identify contract terms and provisions software vendors leverage to justify audit findings and then perform an analysis of your actual software use vs. contractual entitlements to quantify potential financial exposure. Finally, we identify the strategic approach needed to minimize all identified risks. 

Audit Defense and Resolution

Expert guidance and consulting to defend and resolve unjustified audit claims. Standing by your side throughout the entire audit we’ll work as part of your team to develop the appropriate response and defense strategy. Understand your options and why you were an audit target. Guide you through our step-by-step approach to complete the audit and provide the strategy for eliminating and negotiating cost savings in response to actual compliance issues identified in the Final Report. We aim to empower you to reduce your current and future exposure significantly.

Software Optimization

Identify architecture recommendations to minimize your license requirements while maximizing performance. Suggestions may include uninstalling software to reduce or eliminate potential compliance issues. Putting you in control of your software assets.

License Data Gathering

Advise on required documents and leverage the use of our online workflow tool to quickly gather relevant documents.

Completeness & Accuracy Check

Validate entitlement information and fill any gaps through our extensive archive of license documents.

Baseline License Entitlement Overview

Detailed contract analysis.

Entitlement Data Upload 

Upload of contractual entitlement data gathered from baseline review.

Configure & Maintain License Entitlements

Includes manual data gathering and analysis.

Our services provide the value you're looking for

We will arm you with the information you need to negotiate from a position of strength


We will identify immediate and ongoing cost savings and avoidance opportunities


We will provide deep expertise with an independent and unbiased view of your licensing rights and options


We will deliver immediate and ongoing support in response to or in preparation for a vendor audit


We will provide tools and techniques to assist you with ongoing data gathering and analysis

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