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More software value, less risk

With software audits on the rise, it’s critical that organizations track their software assets and maintain compliance for all of their vendors. But it’s no secret that managing software assets can be a challenge. The technology is complex and continually changing. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software. And license agreements are increasingly complicated and multi-layered. Many organizations lack the resources to manage their software assets effectively. And relying solely on a SAM tool is not enough.

SCG - How we can help you?
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SCG Approach

SCG takes the complexity out of managing software assets. We know the ins and outs of software licensing and have designed services to reduce your costs, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Our district approach encompasses not just tools, but also people and processes—putting you in control of your software assets. As an independent advisor, we provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets, helping you obtain the accurate information you need to optimally license your IT landscape.

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Why hire us

Our mission is to help you uncover the truth about your software assets by using the power of data and our independent insights to save you money and reduce risk. We are unique because we have expertise that is unmatched. We are independent advisors with insider experience, and we focus only on cost savings and reducing risk. Our remote service capability allows for lower fees, and we can do the work quickly.

We do not resell software or receive incentives from software vendors. You can be certain the guidance you receive is 100% objective. Our only goal is to contain your costs and meet your business needs.

Our global team of specialists work independently as trusted advisors to uncover the truth. With experience working for big software vendors, we use our insider insight to focus on getting you the results and value you’re looking for.

Our integrated services using the latest technology from our global partners and our independent insider insight help identify lasting improvements to licensing agreements, realize significant cost savings and provide clarity on contractual rights and options to reduce risk.

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