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Contract Support

Minimize cost and align with future licensing requirements

How we help our clients

Acquiring enterprise software can be both daunting and challenging. To get the most out of our software investments, you need to consider the real requirements of your business, not just now but in the future. SCG’s Contract Support Services help you take control of your procurement negotiations to secure the best software agreement that aligns with your business needs. Our goal is to use our extensive policy knowledge and proven communication methodologies to minimize the price you pay and optimize your detail construct to offer you the best possible outcome. 
Contract Negotiation

Leverage SCGs experience and market knowledge from successful negotiations from around the world. We partner with you to review contract terms and conditions, pricing, and product selection to empower your team with knowledge that puts you in control of any software vendor negotiation.

Contract Assessment

Complete assessment of your existing enterprise software contracts to maximize value and identify potential financial and legal risks. Our contract assessment methodology will provide a detailed analysis of your entitlements, and offer guidance on how to identify cost savings and avoidance opportunities. 

Our services provide the value you're looking for

We will arm you with the information you need to negotiate from a position of strength


We will identify immediate and ongoing cost savings and avoidance opportunities


We will provide deep expertise with an independent and unbiased view of your licensing rights and options


We will deliver immediate and ongoing support in response to or in preparation for a vendor audit


We will provide tools and techniques to assist you with ongoing data gathering and analysis

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