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Oracle Services

Maximize the value of your Oracle investment

How we help our clients

Our Oracle services focus on maximizing the value of existing Oracle license investments. Our global team of Oracle specialists include former Oracle license management audit professionals, senior leadership, and technical architects that work independently as trusted advisors. We have a proven ability to identify significant cost savings and avoidance, flag potential risks, and develop a powerful action plan to put you in the best possible position for current and future negotiations.
License Management Services

Services designed to detail your compliance position while providing cost effective options based on your existing license rights.

Unlimited License Agreements (ULA’s)

Certification, ROI tracking, negotiation.

Audit Preparation & Defense

Expert support before, during, or after an Oracle audit.

License Proposal Cost Analysis

Review existing proposals for cost savings and avoidance opportunities.

Support Invoice Cost Analysis

Detailed analysis of cost savings opportunities.

Cloud Software License Assessment

Review license and cost implications of on premise vs cloud deployment models.

Oracle Licensing Training

Customized training to assist current Oracle customers meet their business objectives.

Our services provide the value you're looking for

We will arm you with the information you need to negotiate from a position of strength

​We will identify immediate and ongoing cost savings and avoidance opportunities


​We will provide deep expertise with an independent and unbiased view of your licensing rights and options


​We will deliver immediate and ongoing support in response to or in preparation for an Oracle audit


​We will provide tools and techniques to assist you with ongoing data gathering and analysis

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