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Media company’s $300K license exposure reduced to $0

We were engaged by a media company after Oracle's informal audit found a $300K license compliance exposure.  We conducted a full contract review and independent technical license audit and found their current license rights covered them, reducing their financial exposure to $0. Also, we identified 25% cost savings in their Oracle annual support contract after finding software licenses they no longer needed.

Prepared a municipality for a data centre consolidation

We helped a municipality prepare for a strategic consolidation of their data center. Needing to understand what the implications would be to their licensing position with Oracle, we quickly and efficiently gathered and analyzed the facts around their Oracle technology entitlement and development and provided insight into future scenarios. We also handled an Oracle JD Edwards review requested by Oracle and included the analysis of their data center strategy.

Large European city saves over $22M

After receiving an audit letter from Oracle, a major European City engaged us to set up a proper audit defence strategy and to perform an internal audit. We found a financial exposure of USD 22.3M. We worked to remediate the non-compliance issues resulting in a compliant situation. Also, by optimizing the architecture and by organizing license in a more cost-effective manner, we were able to identify “surplus licenses resulting in a support maintenance reduction of USD 214K.

Government task organization avoids a multimillion $ financial exposure

A government task organization under audit by Oracle engaged us to perform an internal audit to determine their current license compliance position and possible financial exposure. We found a multimillion dollar financial exposure and were able to remediate and optimize their usage to the exact number of license needed for future usage. Resulting in a small additional investment. 

50% cost savings for a leading bank

We helped a leading bank by conducting an independent review of their contracts and costs to confirm they had a validate compliance position and cost structure. The review concluded they were licensed very inefficiently and significantly overpaying. The result was a 50% cost savings.

Multinational information and analytics company escapes a multimillion $ financial exposure

A subsidiary of a multinational information and analytics company under audit by Oracle engaged us to perform an internal audit to determine their license compliance position and their financial exposure. After finding a multimillion dollar exposure, we were able to remediate and optimize the exact amount of licenses this multinational would need for the future, resulting in a small additional investment. 

Utility company avoids $15M license exposure

A utility company under audit by Oracle engaged us to delay the audit and perform an internal audit which found a financial exposure of $12.2M USD (list license) and $2.8M USD (list support). We provided remediation advice bringing the exposure to $0 and found cost savings of $812K USD (annual net support).

Leading financial services group stays on top of their software usage

A leading financial services group engaged us to provide ongoing SAM managed services to ensure they are correctly licensed for the deployment and usage of their various Oracle software programs, including Database, Middleware, E-Business Suite, Primavera, Hyperion. We provide the following services: License Entitlement Analysis, License Deployment & Usage Analysis, License Compliance Gap Analysis, License Remediation and Optimization, License Expert Services and Training, and License Negotiation Support.

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