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Are you ready for a software audit?

Our latest executive guide to Oracle audit readiness. Stay informed and be prepared. 
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SCG is an independent licensing advisory firm that helps private and public organizations around the world understand, navigate and manage their software licensing. Our leading services and solutions reduce your costs, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiency—putting you in control of your software assets so you can maximize the value of your investments.


Most organizations assume the costs associated with their changing software requirements will change as well. If your software requirements decrease, you will pay less, right? That’s not always the case. A closer look at your Oracle support fees will reveal several cost saving options to consider.


Cloud solutions deliver huge benefits to organizations. But licensing in a virtual environment remains complex. Here are the seven steps to take before moving your software licenses to the cloud.


Effectively managing software licensing costs and compliance risks during an M&A transaction is critical. Find out how to avoid the legal and financial risks, save costs and stay in control of your software investments.


Oracle ULAs are designed to alleviate the worries of software license management, but you can still face significant financial, legal, and operational risks. Here are three scenarios you should be aware of when attempting to exit or certify your ULA.


To help you stay on top of your Oracle Database software, you need to understand the risks involved. Here are the ten most common Oracle Database compliance issues.


Understanding the common cases of indirect usage will help save your organization from the financial risks of being non-compliant. Here are the nine most common cases of indirect usage in SAP software. 


Featured Success Stories


We helped a leading bank by conducting an independent review of their contracts and costs to confirm they had a valid compliance position and cost structure. The review concluded they were licensed very inefficiently and significantly overpaying. The result was a 50% cost savings.

— Leading Bank


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