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Demystifying SAP Audits: Strategic Insights for Navigating Compliance

Each publisher has unique rules for their auditing processes and timelines, with audits typically occurring at least once every few years. Specifically for SAP, the first two years post-contract signing are audit-free, followed by annual audits.

Understanding that SAP contracts are custom rather than standard is crucial. The specifics of your contract with SAP dictate the frequency and nature of audits, making the contract your primary reference in audit scenarios.

Strategizing Audit Navigation

Upon receiving a measurement request from SAP, it's vital to approach with due diligence, recognizing it as a precursor to an audit. The challenge often lies in understanding precisely what needs to be submitted, with common confusion surrounding the adequacy of USMM results alone. It's important to note that SAP may not explicitly request additional steps, such as using LAW to consolidate reports, potentially leading to compliance issues. Engaging with experienced consultants can provide invaluable support, helping avoid unnecessary costs and ensuring a thorough review of submitted materials.

Is Audit Avoidance Possible?

While completely avoiding SAP audits isn't feasible, understanding the audit types—basic and enhanced—can offer strategies for postponement or negotiation. Despite potential short-term relief, negotiating to avoid audits can lead to future costs or more stringent audits. Engaging a specialist can provide a strategic advantage, guiding you through the audit process and potentially offering a more cost-effective solution than facing escalated audit outcomes.

Ensuring Compliance

To maintain compliance, specialist review of measurement reports before submission to SAP is recommended to avoid overstating license consumption. Regular maintenance, engine checks, and early preparation for audits can help maintain control over compliance. This proactive approach is not a quick fix but a long-term strategy requiring commitment and expertise.

Looking Ahead

Facing an SAP audit doesn't have to be daunting. With the right preparation and expert support, navigating the process can be smooth. Before responding to SAP's requests, thorough in-house or consultant-led measurements and analyses can safeguard against compliance issues and unforeseen expenses. The key is to weigh your options carefully and choose a path that aligns with your organizational needs and compliance goals.


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