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2024 Autodesk License Guide: Navigating Audits & Uncovering Savings

Understanding Autodesk Audits

Conducted by Autodesk's Global License Advisory Services, these audits are meticulous evaluations designed to verify compliance with Autodesk's software licensing agreements. The audit journey includes notification, detailed data collection and analysis, and culminates in license reconciliation to ensure accurate software usage.

Starting with a formal notification and an introductory call, the audit process unfolds through comprehensive data gathering, utilizing both manual inputs and automated tools, leading to a thorough review and validation of the collected data. The final phase involves license reconciliation, discussing discrepancies, and resolving outstanding issues.

Frequent Compliance Pitfalls

Navigating an Autodesk audit can uncover common challenges such as territorial usage restrictions, support level inconsistencies, hosting limitations, deployment errors, unintended software upgrades, and overlooking regular license reconciliation. Being aware of these issues can streamline the audit process.

Deep Dive into the Autodesk Audit Process:

  • Initial Notification: The audit journey begins with a formal notice, setting the stage for the forthcoming review process.

  • The Kick-off Call: A pivotal meeting that outlines the audit's scope, information requirements, and timelines, ensuring a clear understanding of the process.

  • Data Collection: A critical phase involving a blend of manual feedback and automated data capture to accurately reflect software usage.

  • Review and Validation: The audit team meticulously evaluates the gathered data, constructing a draft Effective License Position (ELP) for discussion and clarification.

  • Final Reconciliation: Presenting a comprehensive report of compliance, this phase allows for discussion of discrepancies and finalization of the audit findings.

Strategic License Review and Audit Preparation

Optimal audit readiness involves a proactive approach to managing your Autodesk license compliance, encompassing a solid grasp of licensing terms, deployment knowledge, and understanding the intricacies of the audit process to mitigate risk. This puts customers in the best possible position going into any negotiation.

SCG Cost Containment Services for Autodesk

SCG's deep understanding of Autodesk audits, from strategic preparation to tackling common compliance issues, ensures your organization can find available cost savings and avoidance opportunities while navigating any negotiation or audit process with confidence.

Whether preemptively assessing your software compliance or facing an audit, SCG offers unmatched expertise to safeguard your interests. Contact us for a comprehensive strategy to manage Autodesk audits and licensing disputes, ensuring a future of compliance and peace of mind.

Our Deliverables:

  • Report on cost savings and avoidance opportunities

  • Report on Enhancing Software Re-harvesting/Utilization and Efficiency for Named User Subscriptions

  • Report on Maximizing the Effectiveness of Combining Token and Named User Subscriptions

  • Strategies for Transitioning Smoothly from Floating Licenses to Named User Subscriptions and Tokens

  • Evaluating the Transition of Frequent Users from Token-Only Agreements to Cost-Efficient Named User Subscriptions

  • Compliance Analysis Report Based on Discovery Data

Discover how SCG can turn any Autodesk audit or negotiation from a daunting challenge into a manageable process.







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